My Story

In the rolling hills of Hampshire, amidst the hustle of a bustling household and the constraints of modest means, I found my sanctuary in the strokes of a pencil and the swirls of paint. Born into a family of five siblings, I, the second eldest, sought refuge in art, weaving tales of cartoon characters, galloping horses, and majestic birds of prey.

Within the walls of my childhood home, conflicting currents swirled. My father, pragmatic and practical, urged me towards conventional paths, dismissing my artistic inclinations as mere frivolity. Yet, my mother, with her own artistic flair, became my staunchest supporter, nurturing my passion with gentle encouragement.

Formal education led me through the corridors of Portsmouth Art School and Southampton Solent University, but the journey of an artist seldom follows a linear path.

After academia, the canvas of my life seemed daunting. Opportunities were scarce, support dwindled, and doubts crept in, shrouding my once-vibrant palette. For years, my brushes lay dormant, gathering dust, until the digital age dawned, revealing new avenues of expression.

In my late thirties, the call of creativity beckoned once more, and I embraced it with fervor, overcoming setbacks and embracing the fluidity of creation. An injury, which could have been a barrier, instead became a catalyst for innovation as I learned to wield both hands with equal dexterity.

Now, seven years on, my journey as a full-time artist has taken me to prestigious galleries and televised showcases. Exhibitions at the Mall Galleries and appearances on SkyArts TV stand as milestones of my perseverance and dedication.

For me, art is not merely a profession but a vocation—a source of boundless joy and fulfillment. Each stroke of the brush tells a story of resilience and determination, reminding me and others that art is not just about where it begins but the endless possibilities it holds.